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Voice Lessons

Dr. Ryan Goessl

Seoul, Korea

All people have the ability to sing.  I bring out the best voice that you can create, in a healthy, natural, unobstructed manner, based on the principles of bel canto. I teach students of all ages and levels, from the absolute beginning "shower-singer" to professionals. Although classically trained, I specialize in a wide variety of vocal stylings, whether it is classical, musical theatre, folk, rock, pop, jazz, or anything in between.  I often consult with professional classical singers and top-level KPOP professionals in coachings, lessons, and studio recording sessions. Some of my students are beginners, some are top professionals in their genre.

Studio Info

     - I will be positive in my teaching.  I will compliment what you do well, and constructively criticize areas for improvement.

     - I will take every lesson seriously, and strive to bring out the most in your voice each lesson.

     - I will keep a good sense of humor in lessons, and aim for an environment that is fun to learn and improve.

     - I will be professional in my teaching.

     - I will do my best to bring out the best of every student, and guide them to a high level of musical excellence.

     - I will be thorough and articulate in lessons.  I will explain concepts completely, and answer any questions you may have.

     - I will create a curriculum, and select music that aids you in achieving your goals as efficiently as possible.

     - I will keep our lesson environment fun and engaging.


I will work with my students as intently and thoroughly as possible, while keeping a fun, entertaining environment.  I will be sensitive to the needs of each student, and engaging in my teaching. 


At your first lesson, we will assess your voice, singing and breathing.  We will evaluate your experience, your natural singing and music tendencies, and evaluate areas needing improvement.  We will heavily focus on breath exercises, and basic vocalization to aid in building a solid base foundation as soon as possible.  Rarely will we introduce vocal repertoire in the first lessons.


Please bring a pencil, music, and, if desired, an audio recording device to each lesson.   Come well-practiced.  Many students ask how much they should practice each week.  My answer is to practice as much as is needed to meet my expectations for each week.  Try to improve on at least one vocal aspect each week.  Remember, plan to practice only on the days that you plan to eat!



Lessons are typically one hour in length (50-55 minute hour), and are at least once a week.  I do ask for a minimum of one lesson a week.  You may do more if you like, and about 50% of my students do, but generally, one hour a week is sufficient.

Lessons focus heavily on breath technique, vocal exercises, vocal registration, and musicality.  We will work on a variety of music repertoire of multiple genres and time periods, to allow you to be as flexible as possible, while establishing healthy vocal technique.  Especially at the beginning of our lessons, repertoire will be more often in the classical genre, as it lends itself best to healthy vocalization.


Although I do not allow video recording, audio recording is highly encouraged.  Most cell phones have an app that you can record with, and it provides a great way to review your lesson each week.  I do ask that your recording is for you, and only you.  It is meant to aid in your learning and practicing. Please do not publish the recording anywhere and share with others.


Although I have basic piano skills, I am not a pianist.  I have the skills needed to teach you to the best of your ability.  If you desire a pianist, you can bring a pianist with you, or I can arrange one for you, for a fee.  I also have accompaniment recordings for most music to use in lessons, if needed.


My schedule gets very busy, so please understand that the hour I have scheduled for you is your time.  You can expect my 100% full attention in our lesson time.  Please do your best to make sure that your lesson time is free of conflicts every week.  Although I do understand that conflicts may occasionally arise, please try to keep these to a minimum.  I have a 48 hour reschedule policy.  I do not cancel lessons, as I also need stability in my schedule and life, but I do reschedule lessons.  I ask that you complete your rescheduled lesson within a month of the original date.  Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice may not be made up (although I will do my best to), except in the case of illness, and you will be charged for your lesson. If you have a contagious illness, please let me know, so we can reschedule.


If, for whatever reason, you feel the need to discontinue with your lessons, please kindly let me know at least one month (4 weeks) in advance, so I can have some time to search for another student to fill the lesson time.  Many times, I have a waiting list for lessons, so please be considerate of me, and them. Unfortunately, I cannot give refunds for pre-paid lessons.


There will be performance opportunities throughout the year to show off your musical progression and journey.  I try to have a studio recital twice a year that showcases you!  In addition, I strongly encourage all students to sing in one of the choirs of Camarata Music Company ( to further enhance their musicality.


Please email Dr. Goessl privately at: for tuition. I do not teach lessons on credit.  You can either pay per lesson, or preferably pay in advance for a set of lessons (about 75% of my students pay in advance for a set time). 



Elected and/or recognized member of:

National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)

National Association of Music Education (Formerly MENC)

International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM)

Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA)

Korean/American Music Society

American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)

Korea Choral Directors Association (KCDA)

Korea Federation of Choral Music. (KFCM)

English/British Song Association of Korea


A prolific teacher who knows what every muscle does during singing. Equipped with both science and art of singing,  He will guide you gently through the bottleneck of your edges of singing. As a physicist, Dr. Goessl's instruction resonated with me because he uses laws of physics and neuroscience to teach acoustic singing.

- Frank R. (Physicist, Seoul National University)

I have been taking voice lessons with Ryan for just over a year now and my singing has improved massively. It's obvious that he knows a great deal about vocal technique and I have learned so much. Just as important, he makes lessons fun and I always leave feeling energized. 

- Sarah K (UNESCO)

Taking voice lesson from Ryan is amazing and fun. He is great. I have been learning so much and have many opportunities to sing and perform. It gives me more courage to sing in front of others too.

- Tiffany L. (Dance Instructor and Musical Theatre Actress)

When I came in for lessons with Ryan, I was unable to sing for any amount of time without experiencing fatigue and pain.  He  diagnosed me during our first lesson, and by the third week he had me singing naturally and without pain.  The first time I sang through all of my old songs without tensing up or getting hoarse was a revelation. Ryan's help was priceless and my only regret is that I did not start studying with him earlier.

- Peterson K. (Actor)

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